Acton, Massachusetts, March 22, 2022 – Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ:PMD), the world’s largest provider of hair testing for drugs of abuse, is pleased to welcome Andrew “Drew” M. Reynolds to the Psychemedics Board of Directors effective April 4th,2022.  Mr. Reynolds will also serve as a member of the Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Governance Committees. Mr. ... Read more

CDC and DEA find a growing epidemic inside the pandemic

Drug overdoses and a shifted landscape create new and urgent challenges For anyone who, like me, is a bit of a data geek---we have reasons to be concerned about the drugs-of-abuse landscape. The most recently released CDC and DEA data paints a picture of an epidemic that not only persists but is growing in scale ... Read more

Drug Policy Webinar

DRUG TESTING POLICYThe Ins and Outs for Changing Times If you have drug testing policy questions, you have come to the right place. About This Session. Changing drug laws, a new administration, a dynamic and evolving drugs-of-abuse landscape and generational change in the makeup of our workforce have brought drug testing policy to the front ... Read more

These VP’s Absorb Extra Cost To Use Psychemedics. Why?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all trucking firms conduct regular drug testing using urine. Safety Executives, like these from KLLM Transport Services, Maverick USA, and US Xpress are committed to safer roadways and drug-free fleets. And they know that a drug-free fleet starts with hiring drug-free drivers. They are going above and beyond … Read more

How Much More Effective Is Psychemedics Than Urine Testing?

Part 2 of the "In Safety There Are No Secrets" panel discussion. Recently, three Vice Presidents of Safety from the trucking industry shared their insights---and their data---on the compelling advantages Psychemedics brings them over the urine testing required by the Department of Transportation. These senior executives are absorbing the additional costs of Psychemedics on top ... Read more

Does Effective Drug Testing Hamper Recruiters?

Part 3 of the "In Safety There Are No Secrets" panel discussion. Psychemedics has the best detection rate and more effectively identifies drug users than any method or laboratory in the world. And that is great news for companies who want to create and sustain drug-free workplaces. But within those companies, there is one group ... Read more

How Is The Trucking Industry Driving Toward Drug-Free Cabs?

Part 4 of the "In Safety There Are No Secrets" panel discussion. While KLLM, Maverick USA and US Xpress are among a growing group of trucking firms augmenting the Department of Transportation mandated urine-based drug screens with Psychemedics hair drug testing, there is still an industry-wide issue with impaired drivers. Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier ... Read more

“In Safety There Are No Secrets” Q&A

After a data and insights-rich panel discussion, three VP’s of Safety answer questions about their drug testing programs and why they have added hair to required urine drug testing. The financial benefits of Psychemedics hair testing are also explained in this session.

Psychemedics Corporation Launches Synthetic Cannabinoids Hair Test

World’s largest hair drug testing company & scientific leader launches new tool for combatting rising Synthetic Cannabinoids (K2, Spice) abuse Acton, Massachusetts, August 22, 2017– Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ:PMD), hair testing pioneer and global scientific leader for over thirty years, announced the launch of its Synthetic Cannabinoids test – a hair test that looks for the … Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Responds To Recent Price Volatility

Acton, Massachusetts, January 31, 2017 — Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ:PMD) today announced that recent volatility in its stock price on January 31, 2017 appears to have been caused by a news report of a court ruling in Brazil involving Psychemedics Brasil. Psychemedics Brasil is an independent distributor of Psychemedics Corporation’s hair testing services in Brazil, and … Read more