About Psychemedics Corporation

Who is Psychemedics?

Since 1986 our patented drug test using hair has identified more drug users for more companies than any hair testing company in the world.

Psychemedics pioneered the use of hair testing for drugs of abuse and has continued to make scientific breakthroughs that have advanced the field of hair testing for over 30 years. We provide our services to a wide variety of industries globally. These clients rely on our hair tests because we are the world’s leading and largest drug testing provider with hair and the vendor on which they can rely to make policy decisions.

Thousands of corporations worldwide rely upon Psychemedics’ proprietary technology for pre-employment and employee drug testing needs. Although we are recognized as the benchmark for hair testing excellence, business leaders choose us for our Unrivaled Detection, Unmatched Deterrence, and Unbeatable ROI.

Psychemedics’ patented technology is trusted by the most recognized brands in the Fortune 500, including a wide variety of companies across different industries, respected law enforcement agencies, Federal Reserve Banks, elite private academies and public schools, and a variety of government and medical research programs.

Psychemedics also became the first company to offer a patented home collection hair drug testing service (the PDT-90) for parents concerned about their children and possible drug use.

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A Message From The CEO

Welcome to Psychemedics. We hope you visit our site because, like us, you recognize that substance abuse threatens workplaces, schools, and homes like never before. Together we can minimize the impacts it has on all our lives.

Our scientists pioneered the science of hair testing for drugs in 1979 and brought it to the market in 1986. In fact, we are proud to say…

“We invented the science that re-invented the drug testing industry.”

Since 1986, Psychemedics has identified more drug users for more companies than any other hair testing lab in the world. Our patented technology finds 6-10 times more users than urine testing and 2-3 times more than other hair labs. We have enjoyed a thirty-year legacy of innovation like no other company in the industry and continue that legacy to this day. I hope you will take the time to explore our website or look through the industry’s most complete family (benzodiazepines, cannabis, etc.) of FDA 510(k)-cleared drug screens, and you will see why we remain the world leader.

Once again, welcome to Psychemedics. We are glad you visited and hope you will contact us with any questions you might have.