Case Studies

Below you will find a sampling of companies and schools that have been positively impacted by a Psychemedics program. We would be happy to provide further details on the programs, or arrange for you to speak with these organizations and many others about their experience and results.

Workplace Case Studies

Pre-Employment Testing (Long-Term Care Industry)

The company’s goal is to provide nursing home residents with the best care possible, by hiring only the highest quality employees. Management at the nursing home felt that it had become the “employer of choice for drug users in the area,” and was concerned about employees’ access to the residents narcotics, especially considering the high risk for abuse of these substances. The nursing home wanted to implement the most effective and robust pre-employment drug testing program available, to improve employee and resident safety by creating a drug-free environment.

Random Testing (Manufacturing Industry)

To achieve its safety goals, the company implemented a Psychemedics hair drug testing program to screen job applicants for drug use. After seeing significant value in the Psychemedics pre-employment hair testing program, and realizing what a positive impact an even more robust program could bring, this automotive manufacturer added a random testing program for the current workforce utilizing the same hair test.

Hair Testing Vs. Urinalysis (Transportation Industry)

As a U.S. motor carrier, this company conducts urinalysis drug tests in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations in order to satisfy federal testing requirements. However, a series of events led the company to believe that urinalysis alone was not working: First there were reports of drug use in some shops, then there were two unfortunate crashes where their drivers were involved in accidents that claimed three lives. Both drivers had clean records, but both tested positive at the scene for cocaine. All DOT required (urinalysis) tests had been conducted and it was concluded that these drivers were likely substituting their urine samples. These incidents caused this company to look for a more effective, reliable drug test.

Contractor Testing (Oil & Gas Industry)

In an industry where safety is paramount, one refinery led the charge with an innovative drug testing program. For employers, especially with workers in safety-sensitive positions, it is critical to identify and screen out illicit drug users. The Company pioneered a hair drug testing program that required contractors working in the refinery to pass a drug test before they could enter the plant. The refinery had already seen the impact that the Psychemedics hair drug testing program had on its employees, and extended this added safety measure to the thousands of contractors accessing the site.

Education Case Studies

High School Case Study

The decision to implement a drug testing program as a deterrent was not in reaction to a particular incident or a concern regarding widespread drug use in the school, but instead was based on a desire to protect every student from the serious consequences of illegal drugs. The goal of the school was not to “catch” anyone, but instead to arm students with a powerful reason to “say no” when they might otherwise succumb to peer pressure. The program reduced student drug use and behavioral issues, increased enrollment, and most importantly – identified the students who needed help.

Fraternity Case Study

The University gave a mandate to a number of Greek organizations on campus to combat their declining image and get back to their founding values of academic achievement and service. After the University recommended that the fraternities implement a drug testing policy for its members, most of the organizations chose to implement urinalysis testing – a test with minimal detection capabilities, and that is susceptible to many well known cheating tactics. One fraternity chose to go above and beyond by implementing a more rigorous drug testing program using Psychemedics hair testing, resulting in a thorough clean up of its chapters substance abuse problems and providing a real deterrent to drug use among its brothers.

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