Creating a Drug-Free Chapter House

Creating a Drug-Free Chapter House

For more than a decade, this University has ranked among the nation’s top 50 public universities in U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings. And this Fraternity, has been one of its premier campus organizations since receiving its charter over 150 years ago. So, it stands to reason it would adopt a drug testing strategy that reinforced its position as a campus leader

Psychemedics is a reputation-saver.

In an era of declining image for its Greek organizations, the University mandated that they must recommit to their founding values of academic achievement and service to remain valued members of the campus community. Central to the University’s call to action was a recommendation that Chapters implement drug testing policies for their members as a deterrent to substance use. In response, most chose to implement urine testing, a method plagued with two shortfalls.

One fraternity chose to go above and beyond the minimum mandate and selected Psychemedics hair testing as the foundation for their program. The leaders recognized one critical key to eliminating drugs from their house: Deterrence through Certainty of Detection. Aside from patented science that provides virtual certainty of detection, a Psychemedics hair test deters usage by eliminating the most common techniques used to evade a urine test

Even after resistance from some active members, leaders moved ahead with the program to enforce accountability and responsibility within the Chapter. Fully supportive, the University agreed to collect samples at the Student Health Center without charge for the first two years of the program.

Chapter members were alerted that drug
testing would begin at the outset of the
next school year
, giving users ample time to
stop using and pass the test.

At launch, all freshmen and sophomores were tested, with 25% of the remaining chapter members randomly selected for testing. During this initial round, over 15% tested positive with a large number opting not to be tested—also a failure. Approximately 30 members self-reported their drug use without consequence. The school, Chapter and House Corporation were not informed of members testing positive, but a letter was sent to the parents by a third party administrator. Two positive drug tests resulted in suspension of that Brother from the chapter with readmission requiring a negative Psychemedics hair test and 2/3 vote from the chapter membership.

During the 2nd round of testing, the positive rate
nearly halved to 8%.

The Chapter received the “Most Improved Chapter on Campus” award from the University.

They won the grade point average trophy for the first time in 14 years.

They were recognized with the highest award given out by the National Fraternity.

The program has spread to six additional Chapters at three Universities.

A urine test can miss 9 out of 10 users identified by Psychemedics.

Best Practice: At least 90-120 days notification to give users time to quit before being tested.

“Psychemedics hair testing provided the deterrent, the accuracy and the reliability we needed to dramatically reduce drug use among our members. Their science and this program saved our Chapter. The turnaround has been nothing short of amazing.”

President Housing Corporation

Drug Testing Lab

Hair Testing Pioneer & Leader

For over three decades, Psychemedics Corporation has been the world’s leading drug testing company using hair. Psychemedics’ patented hair analysis technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, police forces, courts, schools and parents all over the world.