Why Are Companies And Schools Drug Testing?

Finding the drug users hiding in your business saves you money every day.

Finding a drug user hiding in your student body may just save a life.

Employee Drug Testing Companies Identify Employees-At-Risk.

Human Resources people know companies need to be drug testing.

Substance abusers make high-risk employees. They can effect everything from productivity to morale, and bring safety risks into the organization. Study after study point to above-average absenteeism, more accidents, higher costs-to-employ, increased threat of workplace theft and a host of other job performance issues that can come to work every day with an impaired employee. These are reasons why companies are implementing employee drug testing programs with Psychemdics. Drug testing employees will save your company in the long-run.

And business managers know.

All of this impacts the bottom line.

Spot A Student At Risk.

Save A Life.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) figures paint a conflicted picture of the risks students face. Although they are abusing most illicit drugs less they are more prone toward daily use of marijuana than ever before.

Of concern is continued use of “party drugs” such as Xanax or Percocet that increasingly are laced with fentanyl and pose a grave risk for overdose or worse. And a troubling trend is an increase in vaping which may be used to ingest marijuana oils.

The 5-Panel Drug screen is a critical tool in that it not only screens for the most frequently used drugs, but in the process identifies students most at risk for exposure to counterfeit drugs or those tainted with fentanyl or PCP by illicit drug manufacturers.

Facts About Drug Usage In The U.S.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug by workers and students. Although prescription drugs, specifically opioids, have been headline news their use is flattening out. But filling the void both cocaine and amphetamines abuse is increasing by double digits through the past several years.

The shape of the threat is changing but the threat is still there.

Drug testing is your hedge against the risks of an ever-changing drug landscape.

Did you know?

  • A study by National Surveys on Drug Use and Health found current drug users more likely to work for companies that did not conduct workplace drug or alcohol testing programs.
  • SAMHSA finds about 38% of adults in 2017 battled an illicit drug use disorder.
  • 70% of the estimated 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed. (SAMHSA)
  • Over 30% of 12th graders admit to vaping. Nearly 15% of those vaped marijuana. (US Gov)

Costs to companies that are not employee drug testing

Workplace drug and alcohol abuse causes $740 billion of negative economic impact each year according to National Institute on Drug Abuse. Here is where all that money goes.

Workers Compensation: 38 to 50 percent of all Workers Compensation claims are related to substance abuse in the workplace, as substance abusers file three to five times as many Workers Compensation claims.

Cost of Accidents:  Impaired workers are 3.5X more likely to have or cause an accident

Medical Costs: Substance abusers incur 300 percent higher medical costs than non-abusers.

Absenteeism: Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent eight or more days a year.

Lost Productivity: Substance abusers are 1/3 less productive.

Employee Turnover: It costs a business $7,000-10,000 to replace a salaried worker.

Why do Employee Drug Test

Fast Facts:   3 Reasons to start your companies employee hair drug testing program with Psychemedics today.


Illicit drug use is rising...every year.

Even with more oversight on overly-prescribed medications and monthly massive drug busts use is up. And rising. In the past five years, positive rates on our hair drug tests are up nearly 30%. Trending drugs come and go. Substance abuse stays. Drug testing is your best defense at work or on campus.

Marijuana is outpacing cigarettes with youth.

Vaping is the rage. A social must-do for teens. 15% of teens who vape are vaping marijuana oil and for the first time in history more teens smoke marijuana than cigarettes. The effects of concentrated amounts of THC rapidly hitting a young brain can be unexpected. A drug test for THC can help stem that tide.

Amphetamines are mounting a stealth assault.

The amphetamine threat to workplaces and campuses is real and growing. According to the DEA, reported psychostimulants deaths were up 250% between 2008-2015.  Since 2015 Psychemedics sees the use of amphetamines growing at a rate of over 20% each year while opioid use eases.

All Hair Drug Testing Is Not The Same

A Psychemedics hair test identifies more drug users than other hair testing labs. Why?

  • We invented hair testing and have been doing it longer than anyone.
  • The only place you will find the scientists who invented it is here.
  • Our nine patents are the most in the industry.  By far.
  • Our test results have been upheld in courts across the country.
  • We are the only lab with FDA 510k clearance for every screen.

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