Law Enforcement Is A Risky Business

Psychemedics handcuffs the risks of drug abuse in the ranks.

Maintain a drug-free police force.

Psychemedics deters drug usage with unrivaled certainty of detection.

No professionals are closer to the crisis of drug abuse than those working in law enforcement. Officers in the field, lab technicians, and support staff serve as the first line of defense to the crime and toll in human lives that drugs-of-abuse bring with them.

Operating above reproach and maintaining credibility is everything for those in police work. And in an era where the abuse of legal and illicit drugs impacts virtually every workplace, keeping drugs out of a law enforcement agency is an essential step toward operating above reproach and ensuring credibility every day. 

Let that sink in.

Creating a drug-free law enforcement agency starts with identifying applicants who are substance abusers. And sustaining a drug free agency means deterring drug usage among employees from top to bottom.  It is what Psychemedics does better than anyone.   Anyone.

We deliver Certainty of Detection. You get Deterrence.

A drug-free law enforcement agency without busting the budget?

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Psychemedics helps the country's most respected law enforcement agencies reduce operational and financial risks that always accompany drug abuse.

Over thirty years, Psychemedics has detected more drugs for more organizations than any hair testing company in the world.

Unrivaled Detection

Psychemedics’ patented drug screens and extensive wash process deliver the best detection rates in the industry. Clients identify as many as 10X more users than urine and up to 3X more than other hair tests.

Unmatched Deterrence

Certainty of detection is a powerful deterrent to drug use. SAMSHA studies show that drug users are less likely to apply at companies that test. Our unrivaled detection rates delivers certainty of Detection that Deters usage.

Unparalleled Legal Record

The results of a Psychemedics hair test have withstood challenges in courts at multiple levels. And the company has a full-time legal counsel on staff dedicated 100% to hair testing that assists clients when needed.

Things You Should Know

Five Reasons Psychemedics Is The World Leader For Drug Testing With Hair

All Hair Testing Is NOT The Same

It is all about our numbers being better than other hair testing labs.

• Unrivaled detection rate that is 2-3X the others.

• 60% less hair required for testing.  No trauma.  No drama.

• The only lab with FDA 510k clearance for every drug screen.

• Fastest turnaround time.  The speed you need.

For the numbers that matter most, Psychemedics is just better.

Tamper Proof Process Makes Cheating A Thing Of The Past

Urine is ideal when you want to identify usage in the past day or two. But to identify habitual users nothing is better than Psychemedics.

Our detection rate is unrivaled by any drug test.

Plus…we capture 90 days of usage patterns, enabling you to screen for habitual users and thwart short-term abstinence as an evasion tactic.

All the while detecting up 2-10X more users than other drug tests.

Detect The Most Commonly Abused Drugs

No drug test finds more drugs than Psychemedics. Not urine, oral fluids, or other hair tests. Our detection rate has been unrivaled for thirty years.

Our data shows that 20% of manufacturing industry drug users test positive for multiple drugs. Cocaine and Opioids make up the bulk and Amphetamines are up 2X in the past five years. You have reason to be concerned.

Certainty of Detection is what we deliver. Deterrence is what you get.

Deters Usage. Reduces Risks. Lowers Liabilities.

Certainty of Detection is the Best Deterrent.

We say that often and it is proven true every day. As word gets out that you drug test with Psychemedics, you will find applicant and employee positive rates dropping. Many people won’t risk getting caught and change behavior or move on. Check online job forums. “Do they hair test” comes up often. That is where deterrence starts.

Hire drug-free. Employ drug-free. Create a drug-free workplace.

Best ROI. And A Drug-Free Law Enforcement Team.

Why add Psychemedics to your program?

• Reduces risks and liabilities by helping you create a drug-free department.

• Delivers a 2-6X lower cost-per-detection than any other test.

• And it just may pay for itself as you go.

The costs of a Psychemedics drug test are a rounding error when you consider every drug user costs the average organization $10,000-20,000 or more. And for a law enforcement agency, the stigma of drug usage by officers is crippling. Ask for an ROI assessment and see how Psychemedics returns more for every dollar you spend while you are taking risks out of your day-to-day operations.

Can you spot the three people applying to join your agency who are drug users?

Psychemedics can.

We do that every day for police agencies across the country.

The Psychemedics Advantage

Your objective is a drug-free organization.

Your challenge is to Detect and Deter usage.

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence.

That is the Psychemedics Advantage.

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