Hair Testing for the Trucking Industry

Safer workplace. Safer roadways.

Impairment on the
Roadways is a Life and
Death Issue

Psychemedics deters drug usage with unrivaled certainty of detection.

Detecting long term patterns of substance abuse in applicants and drivers is the first step in creating a drug-free workforce and safer roadways. It has never been more important.

A New High For Large Truck Fatalities (2017)

Data gathered on large truck accidents by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a sobering reminder of the tragic, and often costly, impacts of accidents involving large trucks.

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With a critical driver shortage as the backdrop, trucking firms balance the need for speed in hiring with pressure to bring on the best. A national trend of expanding drug abuse makes it more important than ever to effectively screen applicants and employees.

A Psychemedics drug test using hair analysis eliminates two of the biggest problems for some of the most recognized trucking firms in the country.

  • A 90-day picture of usage to identify habitual users
  • Fully-observed collection method to thwart cheating

And our test deters usage. When applicants who use drugs find that Psychemedics is the test, they often opt out. When employees are given notice they will be tested, they either abstain or leave.

Certainty of Detection is what we deliver. Deterrence is what you get.

Building a drug free driving team?

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Why Do Trucking Firms Use A Psychemedics Hair Test?

Download a two page overview of how drug testing applicants and employees with Psychemedics has enabled some of the most recognized Transportation companies in the country to slash positive rates and lower their business risks.

Since we pioneered the market in 1986, Psychemedics has conducted millions of tests to reliably detect substance abuse and deter usage.

Unrivaled Detection

Psychemedics’ patented drug screens and extensive wash process deliver the best detection rates in the industry. Clients tell us that our screens identify as much as 10X more users than urine and up to 3X more than other hair tests.

Unmatched Deterrence

Certainty of detection is a powerful deterrent to drug use. SAMSHA studies show that drug users are less likely to apply at companies that test. Our unrivaled detection rates delivers certainty of Detection that Deters drug usage.

Unbeatable ROI

Divide the total testing cost by users identified and you have the ROI foundation…”Cost-per-User Identified”. It is driven by detection rate, and Psychemedics detects more and costs less per detection than any drug test today.

Things You Should Know

Five Reasons Psychemedics Hair Testing Is Selected By More Trucking Firms

All Hair Testing Is NOT The Same

It is all about our numbers being better than other hair testing labs.

• Unrivaled detection rate that is 2-3X the others.

• 60% less hair required.  Fewest retests due to insufficient quantity.

• The only lab with FDA 510k clearance for every drug screen.

• Fastest turnaround time.  The speed you need.

For the numbers that matter most, Psychemedics is just better.

We Make Cheating The Test A Thing Of The Past

Urine is ideal when you want to identify usage in the past day or two or meet DOT mandates. But to identify habitual users nothing is better than Psychemedics.

Our detection rate is unrivaled by any drug test.

We capture 90 days of usage patterns, enabling you to screen for habitual users. That plus an observed collection thwarts short-term abstinence or sample doctoring as an evasion tactic.

All the while identifying up to 10X more users.

Delivers The Lowest Cost-Per-User Identified

If the objective is to identify drug users, the key indicator is a positive test result. And the first building block to R.O.I. is the cost for each of those positives. Divide your total testing cost by the number of users you identify.

And then you know.  Detection rate is everything.  And ours is unrivaled.

Our cost-per-positive result beats every drug test by 2-10X.

Every one.

Deter usage. Reduce risks. Lower liabilities.

Certainty of Detection is the Best Deterrent.

We say that often and it is proven true every day. As word gets out that you drug test with Psychemedics, you will find applicant and employee positive rates dropping. Many people won’t risk getting caught and change behavior or move on. Check online job forums. “Do they hair test” comes up often. That is where deterrence starts.

Hire drug-free.  Create a drug-free workplace. 

Reduced Risks. Great ROI. Happy CEO.

Why add Psychemedics to your program?

• Reduces financial risks and liabilities by creating a drug-free workforce.

• Delivers a 2-6X lower cost-per-detection than any other test.

• And it just may pay for itself as you go.

The cost of a Psychemedics drug test is a rounding error when you consider every drug user can cost your organization $10,000-20,000 every year…or more.

Ask for an ROI assessment and see how Psychemedics is literally an investment that pays dividends rather than a cost to the business.

A Two Page Overview For You!

Download a two page overview of how drug testing applicants and employees with Psychemedics has enabled some of the most recognized Transportation companies in the country to slash positive rates and lower their business risks.

STACK-Explainer-School Drug Testing Program Education

Can you spot the drug users in this group of applicants who want to drive your trucks?

Psychemedics can.

We have been doing it every day for thirty years.

The Psychemedics Advantage

Your objective is a drug-free workplace.

Your challenge is to Detect and Deter every drug user.

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence.

We Detect and Deter Usage for a drug-free workplace.

And safer roadways.

3 Reasons Trucking Firms Use Psychemedics

With insurance costs increasing and litigators pursuing—and winning—nuclear verdicts, trucking firms do all they can to lower the on-the-road risks for their fleets. This one-minute video gives the viewer three reasons that Psychemedics is the preferred drug-usage deterrent for leading trucking firms. The video highlights some stunning data provided by truck firms who have compared urine testing and Psychemedics side-by-side.

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