Often the productivity fuel for students and young professionals.

What Is Adderall?


Adderall is a dextroamphetamine/amphetamine combination medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain.  It is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance because it has a high potential for abuse.



Street Names / Slang Terms

Addys, Uppers, Beans, Black Beauties, Pep Pills, Speed, Dexies, Zing, Study Buddies, Smart Pills

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What Does It Look Like?

Depending on type and dose, brand or whether they are generic adderall pills or tablets can take a variety of forms. A few include:

  • Adderall 5 mg is usually white, round and may be imprinted with AD
  • Adderall 7.5 mg is blue and oval-shaped with an imprint of AD 7.5
  • Adderall 10 mg is blue, round and printed with AD 10
  • Adderall 20 mg is orange, round and printed with AD 20

There can be other forms as well, but these are common doses and attributes.


How is it Used?

Adderall is taken orally in tablet or capsule form.

Some users will crush up tablets to snort the drug for more immediate effects.

Fast Facts About Adderall

[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^9156|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^icn-1|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”Abuse Is Real.” heading_tag=”p” title_font_style=”font-weight:bold;” css_info_box=”.vc_custom_1629144556266{padding-right: 50px !important;padding-left: 50px !important;}”]A 2016 study by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that non-medical use of Adderall by adults had gone up by 67.1 percent and emergency department visits involving the medication had gone up by 155.9 percent, from 2006 to 2011.[/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^8881|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^icn-2n|description^null” img_width=”50″ title=”Increased Stroke Risk.” heading_tag=”p” title_font_style=”font-weight:bold;” css_info_box=”.vc_custom_1629144584682{padding-right: 54px !important;padding-left: 54px !important;}”]Researchers have found links between increased risks of heart attack or stroke when mixing adderall with coffee or energy drinks. In 2018, an autopsy of a University of Tennessee athlete found the mix to be a contributor to his death.[/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^8882|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^icn-3n|description^null” img_width=”50″ title=”The Black Market.” heading_tag=”p” title_font_style=”font-weight:bold;” css_info_box=”.vc_custom_1629144606417{padding-right: 53px !important;padding-left: 53px !important;}”]A University of Michigan survey found a robust black market.

  • 25% say they use adderall.
  • Only 8.95% were prescribed.
  • 37% of those prescribed gave or sold the drug to another student.


Why choose Psychemedics for Adderall Testing?

Unrivaled Detection plus Unmatched Deterrence for starters.

Psychemedics enjoys a long legacy of firsts in testing for amphetamines, the drug class that includes adderall. As with all Psychemedics drug screens, our adderall screen is FDA 510k-cleared.

In 2015 the company launched its adderall drug screen further extending the broadest FDA-cleared hair testing portfolio for amphetamines in the industry. Psychemedics’ hair tests for Amphetamines are part of our 5-panel drug test and adderall is offered as an add-on.

Large and small companies, private, public and faith-based schools and some of the country’s largest law enforcement agencies rely on Psychemedics.  Why?

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence. Unequaled Legal Record.

Our non-invasive testing procedure uses a sample of hair that is up to 60% less than that required by any hair testing lab which is easily collected and shipped to our College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO-IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory. Turnaround on most results is the best in the industry.

Psychemedics has detected more drug users for more companies than any hair testing lab in the world and our results have been accepted by courts across the country. Contributing to our unmatched legal track record, it is the only hair test with safeguards validated by the FBI to protect those tested from false positive results by differentiating between ingestion versus external exposure to a drug. Our clients confidently make policy decisions knowing that we go the extra mile to ensure fairness to those tested.

Keep Current On Drugs Of Abuse

We have put together an information sheet on Adderall to help you understand the threats and recognize the symptoms of abuse. You can download the document for your reference or to share with others who may benefit from the information we have shared.


More Information About Adderall

Short Term Effects

Adderall produces many of the same effects as other central nervous system stimulants. It works by increasing the availability of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine in the user’s CNS connections. The result is a speeding up of brain activity.

Medically Prescribed and Supervised.  For prescribed use under medical supervision, the effects include increased focus and concentration, increased mood level, increased alertness and cognitive function, ability to function with clarity, reduction of hyperactivity or disruptive behavior, and decreased exhaustion.

Effects of Abuse. Some of the effects of adderall abuse include insomnia, lack of appetite, headache, dry mouth, nausea, upset stomach, malnutrition, anxiety, restlessness, and a pounding heartbeat.

Telltale signs of abuse.  Fatigue, fast talking, incomplete thoughts, outbursts, risk taking, inattention to personal hygiene or paranoia.

Long Term Effects

Like other amphetamines adderall brings with it significant effects if abused for a long period of time. Long time abusers can suffer from, heart disease, high blood pressure, seizure, irregular heartbeat, skin discolorations, extreme fatigue, extreme weight loss, abdominal issues and cramping, among others.

As with other drugs of abuse, it can produce physiological and emotional dependence, and ceasing usage produces withdrawal symptoms including depression, irritability, mood changes, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, cramping, and for some people, vomiting.

Telltale signs of long term abuse.  Exhaustion, confusion, a pattern of aggressive behavior, and noticeable weight loss. In some chronic users, a severe rash will present itself and in very extreme cases psychosis similar to schizophrenia can occur.

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