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The Science Behind Hair Testing

Hair testing has gained widespread recognition as a remarkable scientific method for detecting various substances like drugs, alcohol, environmental contaminants, and nutritional indicators. In this guide, we'll explore the fascinating science behind hair testing, looking at how it works, what makes it precise, how it has evolved, and its diverse range of uses. The Basics ... Read more

Oral & Urine & Hair, Oh My!

When it comes to drug screening, there are several methods to choose from. The most common ones include oral (saliva), urine, and hair testing. Each of these methods has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but if you're looking for a comprehensive, long-term, and accurate solution, hair drug testing stands out as the best ... Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Announces Relocation of Headquarters to Dallas, Texas

ACTON, Mass., January 2, 2024 Psychemedics Corporation, a global leader in hair testing for drugs of abuse, proudly announces the relocation of its corporate headquarters from Acton, Massachusetts, to Dallas, Texas, while reaffirming its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards in hair drug testing. The move to Dallas underscores Psychemedics’ ... Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Appoints Daniella Mehalik as VP – Finance

ACTON, Mass., Nov. 27, 2023 -- Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ: PMD), a global leader in hair testing for substance abuse, proudly announces the appointment of Daniella Mehalik as its new Vice President - Finance. In her new role, Ms. Mehalik will assume responsibility for directing and managing all financial activities at Psychemedics, including comprehensive oversight of ... Read more

Unveiling the Future of Drug Testing: Psychemedics Introduces Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen

ACTON, Mass., Oct. 27, 2023 -- In an era marked by relentless change and the pressing need to adapt, Psychemedics, a pioneer in the drug screening industry, proudly announces the launch of a revolutionary, Advanced 5-Panel Drug Screen. This groundbreaking offering will transform the way organizations safeguard their workplaces, shifting the spotlight from marijuana to ... Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Appoints Shannon Shoemaker as Chief Revenue Officer

Acton, MA – [September 21, 2023] Psychemedics Corporation, the world’s largest provider of hair testing for drugs of abuse, is pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Shoemaker as its new Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Shoemaker will be responsible for overseeing the company's revenue generation and growth strategies. With an exceptional track record ... Read more

New study shows hard drug users evade DOT tests at astounding rate

New study shows hard drug users evade DOT tests at astounding rate. Trucking Alliance and University of Central Arkansas find extremely wide gaps in detection capabilities for hair drug testing and DOT urinalysis THE STUDY Researchers at the University of Central Arkansas analyzed a dataset comprised of 936,872 pre-employment urine and hair drug screens on ... Read more

We Are The Hair Testing Pioneer & Leader

We Are The Hair Testing Pioneer & Leader Psychemedics Corporation is the world’s leading drug testing company using hair. Psychemedics’ patented hair tests are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, police forces, courts, schools and parents all over the world. ABOUT PSYCHEMEDICS Since 1987 we lead the industry for hair testing to detect drugs of abuse. ... Read more

How is drug testing cost driven by Cost-Per-Positive?

Why Does Cost-Per-Positive Matter Most? Because it is an Objective-Based Measurement of the drug testing investment. Know your objectives to calculate your costs. Today, your drug testing costs may not return the results you look for. In other words, the services you pay for are lagging behind drug trends. A common question is "how much ... Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Welcomes Drew Reynolds To Its Board Of Directors And Announces The Retirement Of Harry Connick From His Director Role

Acton, Massachusetts, March 22, 2022 – Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ:PMD), the world’s largest provider of hair testing for drugs of abuse, is pleased to welcome Andrew “Drew” M. Reynolds to the Psychemedics Board of Directors effective April 4th,2022.  Mr. Reynolds will also serve as a member of the Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Governance Committees. Mr. ... Read more