The Importance Of Effective Drug Testing

Psychemedics is your best defense in keeping drugs away from work or school.

The Impacts Of Drug Use On Businesses

Workplace impacts of substance abuse are well known. They include:

  • Higher Department of Labor-reported incident rates
  • Excessive absenteeism or tardiness
  • A higher number of lawsuits & litigation
  • Lower job performance
  • Impaired decision making
  • Higher turnover and associated costs-to-replace
  • Mental health or dependency problems
  • More frequent doctor visits and hospitalizations
  • A higher rate of workers compensation claims
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Substance Abuse Always Shows Up In The Numbers.



Substance abuse in the workplace always brings a financial impact on the employer with it. Incrementally higher operating costs and disastrously higher incident rates and associated costs impact productivity and the business. For many Psychemedics clients, the sole justification for drug testing is the costs avoided that they would incur by not drug testing.

Whether the data is from Department of Labor, Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, National Safety Council or any number of insurance industry data firms the story is consistent.

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Right Test/Right Time Is The Key To Detection And Deterrence

Different drug tests deliver value in different ways. Mostly related to time.


All drugs are eventually eliminated from the body. They may be eliminated after being metabolized by the body’s organs, or passed through intact. In most cases the kidneys are responsible for eliminating the drugs or metabolites are excreted from the body in urine. The time it takes to eliminate drugs depends on metabolism rate, concentration of liquids and other factors. But most people will excrete drugs or metabolites in a few days. 

Because many drugs are water soluble, they tend to be metabolized quickly meaning there is a relatively short window in time when they may be detected by tests that use body fluids as the source for detection. Urine, oral fluids and blood are all testing methods that are sensitive to that metabolization time window. They detect drugs in body fluids for a few days.

Hair is not constrained to a detection window of a few days because the drugs are deposited inside hair and remain there. The window of detection for hair starts with when drugs deposited are accessible above the scalp line—usually 5-10 days—meaning it is not ideal for post-accident or testing-for-reasonable suspicion situations. But to identify a chronic user, or to augment a positive body fluids test result with historical perspective, nothing is better than a Psychemedics 90-day detection window.


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Three Ingredients In Your Recipe For A Drug-Free Workplace


Add Hair Testing To Your Program.

Many clients who add Psychemedics to their drug testing protocols are shocked at the initial results.  Positive rates are often in the double digits as opposed to the low single digits to which they have become accustomed. It is simple. The Psychemedics hair drug test has a detection rate that is unrivaled by any company or method. The first step to a drug-free workplace is Detection. The next step is Deterrence.

Communicate. Then Do It Some More.

Alert your employees and make it known in your industry that you hair test and two things are likely to happen. Behaviors will change. Or people will find someplace that doesn’t require a hair test. A quick Google search on “hair test” will tell you that substance abusers avoid a hair test however possible. Deterring usage is what Psychemedics’ certainty of detection brings and that deterrence is what keeps drugs out of your business or off your campus.

Use The Right Tool For The Job.

A urine test is ideal for knowing what drugs have been ingested in the past day or two. That is good news and bad. The people that most businesses want to avoid and the students most educators want to identify are the chronic substance users who pose the greatest risk to themselves and others. That is what Psychemedics does better than anyone. The 90-day detection window is intended to uncover those chronic users. And it does.

Employers can create a drug-free workplace, which includes effective workplace drug testing, policies, and programs. The purpose of drug testing and intervention programs in the workplace or on campus is to educate, discourage drug and alcohol abuse, and help people receive treatment for drug or alcohol issues.

Psychemedics offers effective workplace and school drug testing through hair testing and enables business people and educators to meet the challenge of drug abuse head on.

There are two chronic drug users here.
Can you pick them out?

Psychemedics can.

Better than anyone. For thirty years.

The Psychemedics Advantage

Your objective is a drug-free workplace.

Your challenge is to Detect and Deter every drug user.

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence.

That is the Psychemedics Advantage.

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