Saving a Fraternity Chapter From A Shutdown

Saving a Fraternity Chapter From A Shutdown

One of the premier organizations at the University, and among the strongest and most heralded chapters within the national fraternity, this house has been a prominent part of the University’s traditions and heritage of its University for nine decades. With award winning programs and a long history of producing local, national and worldwide leaders, it plays a vital role in the Greek community and across the student body as a whole.

A serious no-tolerance policy with Psychemedics.
Among their values of responsibility, character, honor, scholarship, leadership, brotherhood and service, illegal drug use is simply unacceptable. After the chapter experienced serious drug issues, the national fraternity considered a temporary closure to eliminate the problem. Determined to keep the chapter active and create a model to rid the fraternity of drug use, they instead decided to implement and enforce a zero-tolerance drug policy. This sent a powerful message, prompting members to ask themselves if they would rather use illegal drugs or remain an active member.

Recognizing that certainty of detection was a key to deterrence of drug use, they selected Psychemedics hair testing to ensure a drug free environment and provide a greater deterrent for its members.

This fraternity felt that it was the most effective tool available to hold its brothers accountable for their decisions regarding illegal drug use.

Advanced warning was given that drug testing
would begin in the fall of the next
academic year
and that hair testing eliminated
opportunities to cheat.

All members and pledges would be drug tested the week before classes started, and a second time at an unannounced point in the Spring.

Those members who opted not to be tested would leave the chapter with their fraternity pin but forfeit all chapter participation while a student.

It was made clear to members that a single positive test result or failure to report for testing would result in immediate removal from the chapter. All of the members who chose to stay, as well as over 40 new pledges, showed up for the scheduled drug testing in the fall.

Financial benefit and recognition for
were two measures of program success

> The Chapter was notified it would receive a significantly reduced liability premium.

>Over 40 pledges and all active members tested drug free.

> The chapter received a national honor awarded only to one of 200 chapters recognizing success in all facets of operations.

> Following the chapter’s success, another campus fraternity followed the same zero tolerance drug testing program.

> Recognizing successes of these early adopters, other fraternities on campuses across the U.S. have adopted similar programs.

A urine test can miss up to 9 out of 10 users identified by Psychemedics

Best Practice: “Deterrence”. Alert members at least 90-120 days prior to allow drug users to stop before being testing

“When we started, our chapter leadership agreed that if we pledged only 9 good men after committing to a truly drugfree chapter, we would be satisfied. We pledged 43 and our chapter has never been stronger.”

Chapter President

Drug Testing Lab

Hair Testing Pioneer & Leader

For over three decades, Psychemedics Corporation has been the world’s leading drug testing company using hair. Psychemedics’ patented hair analysis technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, police forces, courts, schools and parents all over the world.