Is 2021 the start of a fentanyl epidemic?

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Six deaths in three days in a town of 22,000 is an ominous sign.

We’re forwarding an article from this week’s New York Times that paints an excellent picture of just how quickly fentanyl can ravage a community. The message is pretty clear. Fentanyl is becoming a dominant drug for 2021 and the most dangerous. Because it is an opioid, with all the same workplace-threatening effects as any opioid, it is a threat.

And you have to explicitly test for it to find it.

As you read the article, consider that drug cartels have shifted focus to fentanyl-based counterfeit drugs as they are more profitable and easier to smuggle. The market is being flooded across every U.S. region. The DEA and CDC caution:

25% of counterfeit pills contain a lethal dose of fentanyl
Nearly 60% of 2020’s record 93,000 drug deaths involved fentanyl 58% of fentanyl overdoses involved NO other drug

If you are concerned that fentanyl may pose a threat, ask us about our unique detection capabilities for you to protect your workers and workplace from a drug that is fast becoming epidemic with no end in sight.

Wil Elder
Director, Education Markets