Safe Hair Testing Collection Practices During COVID-19

Safeguard students and staff with these simple guidelines

During COVID-19 we have all learned the value in taking precautions to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy. Many of you have asked for some best practices when collecting a hair sample for drug testing, and we have captured those in a document for your use. You can download that document using the button below.

Remember that done correctly, a hair test is THE most sanitary drug screen collection to administer. And especially today, that holds true. There are no exchanges of body fluid. The collection is done from the back of the head so donor and collector are not facing one another. These, plus maintaining safe distancing when completing paperwork and preparing samples for shipment to the lab provide reassurances to donors that their health interests are respected and protected.

When you are collecting samples for your drug screening program, just following some simple guidelines can allay any concerns your students or staff may have. Please review the attached and visit our website for additional information under the Collectors tab.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions. And please take the few minutes to look through the attached guidelines.

These guidelines, a quick read and some things to remember, will ensure that both collectors and donors are doing all they can to minimize health risks during the COVID-19 epidemic.