How To Do Safe Collections During COVID-19


From Your Collection Network Team

Safety for you and your facility’s visitors is our shared priority.

To our collection partners:

In this time of uncertainty, we are taking steps to continue delivering the superior levels of service for which Psychemedics, as the leader for hair testing, has become known. You should know that our lab is open and operating normally.

You are an integral part of our team. Because our entire test begins with you, and given the challenges we all currently face, we are reaching out with some thoughts on keeping the business running as it should while mitigating risks to our team members and clients.

First and foremost, you interact with people on a daily basis and we want you to keep yourself, your donors and your facilities safe. Here are some things other collectors and clients are telling us they are doing to minimize the chance of exposure to the virus, and allay concerns that donors may have about risks of exposure during the collection.

  • Screening questions for donors as to any fever or flu-like symptoms and asking them to reschedule the test through the requesting organization if those symptoms are present.
  • Sterilizing collection scissors with alcohol in front of the donor can help allay fears they may have about contamination.
  • Since the preferred collection site is the back of the head, reminding the donor that the collection will not require face-to-face exposure.
  • With the exception being during the collection, maintaining 6-foot distancing.
  • Posting a notification as to handwashing and your other “safe workplace” measures.

As a team we must ensure our clients that we are taking the necessary precautions in our collection centers as they will hear those concerns from people they are having tested. In addition, we hope that you personally are taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and those around you. Each of you, your coworkers and your families are in our thoughts during these challenging times. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Your Psychemedics Collection Network Team