DEA Alerts Public To Counterfeit Pill Threat

Rising Supply and Rising Death Rate prompt a rare alert
Counterfeit pills containing fentanyl are a threat on the rise

We are forwarding this alert regarding fentanyl because counterfeit pills-like counterfeit oxycodone pills made from it are the most urgent drug threat in the workplace today.  In fact, the data we collect suggests that we may already be seeing early signs of acceleration. Beyond that, a 5-panel test will not detect fentanyl, the basis for most counterfeit xanax pills, fake oxycodone, and others. As a result, Psychemedics is recommending that clients add a purpose-built test for fentanyl to their panels.

What are the threats we see?
  • First, use is up. For instance, 60% of all overdose deaths last year were from a synthetic opioid; the most in history.
  • Second, supply is up. In fact, over 9.5 Million fentanyl counterfeit pills have been seized this year. That is more than the last two years…combined. In fact, the DEA now finds these fake pills in every state.
  • Third, it may skirt your test. Although sometimes mixed with a drug that triggers a positive, 58% of fentanyl deaths showed no other drugs. It will slip past.
  • Fourth, this is an opioid. Hence, it has the same sedating effects as any other opioid. But much, much stronger.
  • And finally, users are unwittingly exposed. They think a pill is their usual feel-good dose. Instead,  26% of seized pills tested by DEA Labs contained a fatal dose of fentanyl. So, overdoses are an inevitability.
Map showing that deadly counterfeit pills made with fentanyl are 49 states.
How do you de-risk?

If you want to detect it, you have to test for it explicitly. And you know that a chronic pill user likely knows how to skirt a urine test. In contrast, a Psychemedics hair test for fentanyl identifies those users.

If you, like us, see counterfeit pills as a threat, we can help. We have the only FDA-cleared hair test for fentanyl in the world.