How Much More Effective Is Psychemedics Than Urine Testing?

Part 2 of the “In Safety There Are No Secrets” panel discussion.

Recently, three Vice Presidents of Safety from the trucking industry shared their insights—and their data—on the compelling advantages Psychemedics brings them over the urine testing required by the Department of Transportation. These senior executives are absorbing the additional costs of Psychemedics on top of the urine testing for one reason—their focus on safety. As each discusses, drugs have no place on the roadways and won’t be tolerated in their fleets. Hiring drug-free is the first step toward drug-free cabs, and they are using Psychemedics to help achieve that goal.

Applicants at these three companies and associated driving schools are administered two drug tests simultaneously; the DOT-required urine test and a Psychemedics hair test. This gives them a unique perspective on the effectiveness of each. In this video, they share those side-by-side results and the impacts they see.

If you currently conduct urine drug testing or are just beginning to look into drug testing for your workplace or campus, this is a must-see panel discussion full of insights, data, and best practices.