Does Effective Drug Testing Hamper Recruiters?

Part 3 of the “In Safety There Are No Secrets” panel discussion.

Psychemedics has the best detection rate and more effectively identifies drug users than any method or laboratory in the world. And that is great news for companies who want to create and sustain drug-free workplaces. But within those companies, there is one group that may have concerns about a talent pool that may shrink as 5-10X the number of potential candidates are found to be drug users.

Some recruiters might fear that the higher detection rate of a Psychemedics drug test using hair could make it difficult to meet hiring goals. And those fears aren’t necessarily unfounded on the surface. But in fact, the opposite may be true. Listen to three executives in an industry that approaches 100% turnover each year and whose recruiters are constantly mining for talent reveal some surprises. They detail the transitions their recruiters went through, the pain points along the way, and the long term impact their programs are having.

If you are a recruiter or HR professional you may be (pleasantly) surprised.