COVID-19 May Be The Trigger That Turns Some Teens To Drugs.

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Teens have been taken out of familiar routines, isolated from friends, away from the structure of campus life and under the stress that prolonged uncertainty brings. Most educators recognize that the summer months are when teens can experiment and develop bad behaviors. Certainly with the extended time away and stresses of COVID-19, this summer may present higher risks than last. Being prepared means learning all you can before school starts again.

This booklet is developed to help you help your students. It looks back at the effects of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on those closest to the event and the self-medication that took place. And it details some of the changing drug use in today’s landscape. It will help you help your students when they return to the more “normal” stresses of school life.

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For insights into what we might expect when students and staff return after COVID-driven separation and uncertainties, we look at the impacts three traumatic events of the past fifty years had on substance abuse.