2020 Teen Drug Trends To Watch

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For generations, substance abuse reflects the darker side of the teen experience. And like you, we believe that keeping young people drug-free is critical to protecting their futures. The first step is being educated on what the threats are. And the second is to know how teens are responding to those threats.

Attached are two pieces that we hope you will find useful. The first is a letter from Psychemedics CEO Ray Kubacki highlighting three developments we are tracking as threats in 2020. The second is a link to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) report “Monitoring The Future.”

“Monitoring the Future” is a must-read report that is published by National Institutes of Health and highlights what every parent and educator should know about teen substance abuse. And Ray Kubacki shares what Psychemedics is tracking as the world leader for hair testing for drugs of abuse. Both share insights that should help understand the challenges teens—and we—face.

From Our CEO 2020
Three Trends To Watch

From a resurgence of cocaine and glut of methamphetamines to fentanyl showing up as counterfeit drugs popular with teens, 2020 brings fresh challenges for us to collectively address. See this letter from our CEO.

NIDA Report
“Monitoring The Future 2019”

Once a year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse presents its report “Monitoring the Future” to snapshot the previous year’s trends in teen drug use. This report should be an annual must-read for any educator or parent.