Caution: Dangerous Road Ahead

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“This epidemic is costing lives.” That is the sad truth we face as drug abuse continues as an epidemic. It almost cost 12 students their bright futures when a New Jersey bus driver crashed while under the influence of heroin. Naturally your first thought is, “don’t they drug test school bus drivers?” or “how could this happen?”. It is reasonable to ask ourselves these questions when childrens’ lives are at stake. The article detailing the New Jersey crash is below.

In the more general battle against opioid abuse and addiction, new laws in California, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, Vermont and Rhode Island require physicians to “co-prescribe” or at least offer naloxone prescriptions when prescribing opioids to patients considered at high risk of overdosing. At a quick glance this may seem counterproductive. But in fact it may be equivalent to having an EpiPen on hand when overdoses from legitimate or illegal use of opioids occur.

Even Google has joined the fight, hosting a code-a-thon specifically designed to help combat the epidemic by directing people to medication disposal boxes at CVS stores. The result? 1.85 million pounds of drugs disposed of properly.

As industry responds to the opioid (and other drugs) epidemic in more creative ways, we can all continue to collectively and creatively deter drug users in hopes of a brighter, healthier future.

School Bus Aide Overdoses On Heroin While Driving Students.

Bus driver overdoses, crashes the bus and has to be revived with Narcan.  Yes, the drug was heroin, and yes, the school bus was full of  kids.

FDA May Add Overdose Reversal Drug To Opioid Prescriptions.

The FDA may follow the steps of seven other states to help the drug overdose problem across the nation. See what regulations they plan to put in place, here.

Google Goes After Opioid Crisis With Drug Disposal Project

Thanks to Google, CVS pharmacy stores across the country are providing medication disposal boxes to help people combat the opioid crisis.