Another Synthetic Drug Could Be Banned

Synthetic cocaine could become the next fad drug to be banned in the city of Huntington.

Huntington City Council will vote on the second reading of an ordinance Monday, Dec. 27, that bans the sale and possession of the drug, which is marketed and sold as bath salts and has been found recently in Tri-State retail shops.

The chemical makeup consists of Lidocaine, a prescription drug used for cardiac patients or in anesthesia, and MDPV, a psychoactive drug with central nervous system-stimulating properties that some have called four times as potent as Ritalin.


Banning synthetic cocaine comes on the heels of council members banning synthetic marijuana two weeks ago. A one-year federal ban on synthetic marijuana was expected to take effect last week so the Drug Enforcement Administration could determine whether the drug should be permanently controlled. The federal ban does not affect the sale or possession of synthetic cocaine.