The Quiet Epidemic

There isn’t much attention paid to prescription drug abuse, except perhaps when a Hollywood star dies from an overdose. However, it is estimated that nearly one in five Americans have used prescription drugs for nonmedicinal reasons, and 15 percent may be abusing prescription drugs. This silent epidemic has become the leading cause of addiction.,0,6657110.story

Medical Marijuana Business is on Fire

It’s been 10 years since Colorado voted to allow the use and sale of marijuana for medical reasons. But in the past six months, the number of patients and dispensaries has skyrocketed. …… Dispensaries, however, are far more than smoking dens. Marijuana is bought and sold in an array of edible forms, such as caramel … Read more

Drug Raid Nets 16 Students at Columbia High

In a scene reminiscent of the old TV show 21 Jump Street, police on Friday arrested 16 students accused of delivering drugs on Brazoria County’s Columbia High School campus after an undercover officer posing as a student named “Victor” allegedly bought the goods from them.

Fake Urine Bill Goes To Senate Floor

The proposed bill would make selling synthetic urine illegal and is an effort to help drug testing companies combat the problem of falsified drug tests. “I’ve always said out of thirty people who walk into my office, at least 5 people have someone else’s urine, and I think that number varies but increases daily,” said … Read more

Prescription Drug Overdoses on the Rise

Data released by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine show that hospital visits caused by accidental and unintentional prescription drug overdoses went up 37 percent from 1999 to 2006. That amounted to 741,425 people needing emergency care.

Drug Testing Guam’s Agencies: DOA Says The Big Problems Are ‘Ice’ and Marijuana

Two school bus drivers tested positive for drugs recently, after a random drug test at the Department of Public Works. According to Cecilia Martinez from the Human Resources Department of Administration, “the common one is methamphetamine which is known as ice and the other one is marijuana.” That’s what two seasoned customs officers got busted … Read more

Government: More than 22,000 dead in Mexico Drug War

More than 22,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the nation’s narcotrafficking cartels in December 2006, a government report said Tuesday.

Medical Marijuana in America

Many Americans support legalization and many states already permit medical use. An end to prohibition would generate billions in tax revenue and relieve the criminal justice system. But is it the right thing to do?

Calif. Men Who Made Drug-Cheat Device Sentenced

PITTSBURGH — A California man who spent nearly six years in prison for a 1980s marijuana-trafficking conviction got six months in federal prison for running a company that sold a male prosthetic called the Whizzinator that helped men cheat on drug tests.