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Hair Testing for the Trucking Industry

Safer workplace. Safer roadways.

Impairment on the Roadways is a Public Safety Issue

Psychemedics deters drug usage with unrivaled certainty of detection.

Detecting long term patterns of substance abuse in applicants and drivers is the first step in creating a drug-free workforce and safer roadways. It has never been more important.

A New High For Large Truck Fatalities (2017)

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The industry has always managed the risks inherent to over-the-road shipment of goods, and those risks come with financial liabilities. With a critical driver shortage as the backdrop, trucking firms balance the need for speed in recruiting and hiring with pressure to identify and hire the best. A national trend of drug abuse continues to expand and it is more important than ever to screen applicants and employees regularly. That is where Psychemedics helps trucking firms across the country. A Psychemedics drug test using hair analysis is the most effective means to identify applicants with a pattern of drug use that cannot be established with a urine test alone.

  • A 90-day picture of usage to identify habitual users
  • Tamper-proof collection method to curb evasion
  • Certainty of detection as a powerful deterrent

When applicants find that Psychemedics is the test, they often opt out. When employees are given notice they will be tested, they either abstain or leave. If the goal is a drug-free workforce, we are the best tool to use.

A drug-free law enforcement agency without busting the budget?

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We partner with some of the trucking industry's most recognized brands to create drug-free workplaces and safer roadways.

Since we pioneered the market in 1987, Psychemedics has conducted millions of tests to reliably detect substance abuse and deter usage.

Unrivaled Detection

Psychemedic’s patented drug screens and extensive wash process deliver the best detection rates in the industry. Clients tell us that our screens identify as much as 10X more users than urine and up to 3X more than other hair tests.

Unmatched Deterrence

Certainty of detection is a powerful deterrent to drug use. SAMSHA studies show that drug users are less likely to apply at companies that test. Our unrivaled detection rates delivers certainty of Detection that Deters usage.

Unbeatable ROI

The results of a Psychemedics hair test have withstood challenges in courts at multiple levels and has an unmatched legal track record. And the company has a full-time legal counsel on staff dedicated 100% to hair testing to assist clients when required.

Things You Should Know

Five Reasons Psychemedics Is The World Leader

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All Hair Testing Is NOT The Same

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For hair drug testing, it is about the numbers.

  • Unrivaled detection rate that is 2-3X other hair labs
  • 60% less hair required for testing.
  • 9 patents on drug testing with hair
  • Fewest retests due to insufficient quantity

All this PLUS the fastest turnaround in the industry.

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Urine Misses 8 Out Of 10 Drug Users We FInd

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Not only does Psychemedics detect up to 400% more drug users, our screens capture 90 days of usage patterns, enabling you to screen for habitual users and thwart short-term abstinence as an evasion tactic.

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Delivers The Lowest Cost-Per-Positive

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If the objective is to identify drug users, the key indicator is a positive test result. Ans the ROI math is simple. Divide your total testing cost by the number of users you identify.

Our cost-per-positive result beats everyone by 2-6X.

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Deters Usage & Lowers Positive Rates

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Certainty of Detection is the Best Deterrent.

We say that often and it is proven true every day. As word gets out that you drug test with Psychemedics, you will find applicant and employee positive rates dropping. Many people won’t risk getting caught and change behavior or move on.

Check online job forums. “Do they hair test” comes up often.

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Makes Your CEO and CFO Grin

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Why add Psychemedics to your program?

  • To reduce operating risk and liabilities by creating a drug-free workforce
  • Because it just may pay for itself as you go

Each drug user you remove can save you $10,000 to $20,000 or more in direct costs.
And far more indirect cost than you might expect.
Ask for an ROI assessment and see how Psychemedics can return $10-20 for every dollar you spend creating a drug-free workforce…

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Can you spot the three drivers in this applicant pool that are drug users?

Psychemedics can.

The Psychemedics Advantage

Your objective is a drug-free workplace.

Your challenge is to Detect and Deter every drug user.

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence.

We Detect and Deter Usage for a drug-free workplace.

And safer roadways.

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