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“Cost-Per-User Identified”

The Most Accurate Measure Of Testing Value

A simple calculation takes the total cost of testing a pool of people and divides it by the number of users identified.  The output of this calculation is “Cost-Per-User Identified” and differentiates two drug testing financial elements:

  • Test PRICE which is a dollar amount paid for laboratory services regardless of test outcome
  • Test COST which is the dollar amount paid to identify a drug user

It is included in the calculator on this page, and is a useful indicator for differentiating testing methodologies and laboratories for the outcome that matters most—the cost to identify a single drug user.

Determining the Cost-Per-User Identified is the starting spot for quantifying the return on your drug testing investment.

Our Four-Part Calculator

This calculator is a subset of the one we use to help clients determine what their R.O.I. on drug testing with Psychemedics is likely to be. It uses industry data from the Department of Labor, National Institutes of Health, National Survey on Drug Use, Health, National Safety Council, Kaiser Foundation Annual Health Insurance survey and Psychemedics-collected data on drug test positive rates for various industries.

  • Quantifies R.O.I. over a one and five-year period
  • Details the true cost of identifying one drug user
  • Approximates the costs of drug usage for your organization

This calculator delivers an approximation. A view of R.O.I. using your data rather than industry standard information is available by contacting your Psychemedics representative or completing a contact form on this page.


What Do We Calculate?


The Cost Of One User

Data on the higher employer costs for drug users sourced from National Safety Council, National Institutes of Health, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, National Institute for Drug Abuse, and industries’ positive rates are used to approximate the Cost Of One Drug User.

Cost Of All Identified Users

The number of users identified is calculated by multiplying number of people tested by the positive rate for that industry. Multiplying those by the Cost of One Drug User approximates total costs the organization incurs for drug usage in a year.

Advantage Over Urine Testing

Urine testing is widely used but fails to detect a large number of users. Hair identifies a higher number of users in the same test population, resulting in uncovering significant hidden costs of drug usage undetected by Urine testing.

5-Year R.O.I.

Certainty of Detection tends to Deter usage. Rather than a linear extrapolation of costs avoided, our 5-year R.O.I. incorporates the reduction in positive results by more than half over a five year period. This approximates a more realistic view of the return over the five-year period.

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