PMD Response to Proposed Guidelines

Psychemedics' Response To Proposed Hair Testing Guidelines For Federal Workers

Proposed hair testing guidelines for federal employees and federally-regulated industries ignore a wealth of data, discount hair-testing science and threaten public safety

Although not impacting non-regulated businesses, it is important for all our voices to be heard.

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The Government has published a set of proposed guidelines for Federal Workplace Hair Testing Programs on September 10th for public comment.

The proposed guidelines simply defy common sense and are very unfavorable to hair testing.

All of our voices need to be heard. Please review our initial overview response to the proposed guidelines (attached to this email) and add your comments to the Federal Register.

The comment period ends November 9th. To comment, please visit:

Then click the Submit Formal Comment button. You will also find a check box, by checking you will be provided a confirmation of your submission.

Alternatively, please visit:

Then in the search box enter SAMHSA-2020-0001 which will take you out to the proposed guidelines where you will find a Comment Now! Button.

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