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Using Hair Testing to Measure Quantitative & Historical Patterns of Drug Use

Tuesday, September 4th at 9AM

Hair testing uniquely reveals a wealth of information about drug use over a period of time by analyzing sections of a small hair sample. Because a record of drug use is stored chronologically by hair, a hair-based drug test can also approximate the pattern and quantity of drug use. This option has proved to be useful to MROs dealing with the current opioid epidemic, especially in the oil and gas industry. This session will present real workplace data from the industry that details positive rates for opioids by drug category, and both pre and post MRO review results.

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Psychemedics Corporation is the world’s leading drug testing company using hair. Psychemedics’ patented hair analysis technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, police forces, courts, schools, and parents all over the world. With millions of tests performed since 1987, we continue to be the leader in hair testing technology.