Detecting More Cocaine

Furthering Cocaine Detection with Unmatched Science.

It is no secret that cocaine usage in the workplace is on the rise. And today’s New Cocaine, often cut with Fentanyl, can addict more quickly and kill more often.

Creating a safer workplace means detecting every user.

But for that small number of users who do not metabolize benzoylecgonine (BE) standard tests can fall short of detection. That is where Psychemedics has advanced the science to give companies the edge in detecting these users.

The Pioneer.  The Innovator.

Psychemedics now detects hydroxycocaines, a unique metabolite group, which enables identification of even more cocaine users. The offering builds on our patented hair test which is already the most accurate and sensitive in the industry and is the first to broaden detection using the hydroxy cocaine metabolites.

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The FBI proposed in its 2014 published research that detection of hydroxycocaines after an extensive wash process to increase cocaine detected.
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Analysis of cocaine and metabolites in hair: Validation and application of measurement of hydroxycocaine metabolites as evidence of cocaine ingestion
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