Contractor Compliance

Contractor Compliance

Vector - A service of Psychemedics Corporation.Psychemedics offers contractor compliance tools through VECTOR (Vendor Employer Compliance Testing Organization). VECTOR is a web-based software tool that enables Contractor Companies to meet the drug testing program policy requirements of Owner Clients as efficiently and economically as possible.

Program Overview & Benefits

  • VECTOR helps minimize administrative overhead by providing a centralized resouce of substance abuse test results shared by all Participating Owners and Contractors reducing repetitious testing and related costs.
  • VECTOR does not dictate substance abuse program policy; participating Owners dictate policy. VECTOR monitors and alerts Contractors and Owner Representatives of workers not in compliance with Owner substance abuse program policy including pre-access, random, for- cause, suspicion, etc.
  • Provides all tools and services at no extra charge to clients of Psychemedics Corporation as well as to Third Party Administrators and Medical Review Officers who wish to offer their value-added services to participating Contractors.

For additional information, contact the VECTOR Services team by phone at 800-637-1645 or by email at

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