Columbia Student Wymbs Is Sentenced to Five Years’ Probation in Drug Case

Michael Wymbs, one of five Columbia University students arrested in December 2010 and charged with selling drugs on the New York school’s campus, was sentenced to five years’ probation. Prosecutors said undercover officers, in a five-month investigation nicknamed “Operation Ivy League,” spent $11,000 buying drugs including cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy and LSD-laced candy, with most sales … Read more

Painkiller 10 Times Stronger Than Vicodin Being Developed

Four American drug companies are developing a new pain killer said to be ten times stronger than the popular prescription painkiller Vicodin, which has many addiction experts concerned. The pharmaceutical companies have begun testing on pills that contain hydrocodone in its pure form, the first of its kind, CBS News reports. Hydrocodone is in the … Read more

Study Confirms That Drug Testing Improves Productivity

SHRM & DATIA Poll: Half of Employers Conduct Drug Tests on Final Job Candidates More than half of employers (57 percent) conduct drug tests on all job candidates, while only 29 percent do not conduct drug tests on any job candidates, according to a poll released today by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) … Read more

Lansing Catholic High School To Mandate Drug Testing For Students, Staff

Psychemedics is proud to partner with Lansing Catholic School to help them create a drug-free environment. LANSING — Lansing Catholic High School staff and students will begin mandatory school drug testing this fall. “The whole idea is to prevent students from using drugs, and if they are, to get them to stop and get them … Read more

Prescription Drugs Worth Millions to Dealers

Prescription drug abuse, now the fastest-growing drug problem in the country, has created a ballooning street market for highly-addictive pain relief, anxiety, and depression drugs. Given the money involved, it’s no wonder. Here’s a sampling of the street prices for a single tablet of some commonly trafficked drugs, compared to their retail prices: –Oxycontin: $50 … Read more

Seniors Seal With ‘Silent’ Substance Abuse

New research shows increasing numbers of seniors and the elderly are far from sober. It’s called a ‘silent addiction.’ By the year 2020, The National Institute on Drug Abuse says the number of seniors with alcohol or other drug problems to leap 150 percent. And the issue goes unnoticed. “We become more isolated to those … Read more

National Study Confirms Teen Drug Use Trending in Wrong Direction

Following a decade of steady declines, a new national study released today by The Partnership at and MetLife Foundation indicates that teen drug and alcohol use is headed in the wrong direction, with marked increases in teen use of marijuana and Ecstasy over the past three years. The 22nd annual Partnership Attitude Tracking Study … Read more

Prevention of Substance Abuse Video PSA Contest

Here is a great opportunity for young adults: Develop an engaging Public Service Announcement about how young adults are taking action in their communities to prevent substance abuse and promote emotional well-being. The winning PSA will receive wide-reaching exposure and national distribution, through online channels! It will also be installed as part of the Drug … Read more

Kits For Sale Used To Beat Urine Drug Test

HOUSTON — From city workers to nurses to school bus drivers, many private and public entities require employees to pass a drug test before being hired. Yet, Local 2 Investigates has uncovered a loophole in the law that gives people access to a way to fake the results of a drug test.