Psychemedics vs. Urine Testing.

Would You Risk Not Mediating An Avoidable Workplace Threat?

Why did you start drug testing in the first place?  We bet it is because you know that habitual drug users bring risks to work with them every day. Psychemedics is trusted by the most recognized names in business to keep those risks away from their workplaces.
Chart says 85% of drug users Psychemedics finds are missed by urine testing.
About Psychemedics

Psychemedics pioneered the industry in 1987. We provide testing for drugs of abuse using hair analysis and delivered the first commercially-available hair drug test.  Because our test using hair analysis identifies lifestyle users, those with a long-term pattern of drug use, thousands of organizations prefer Psychemedics.

How our drug test works.

Ingested drugs circulate in a person’s bloodstream and nourish the developing hair follicle, but this is not a hair follicle drug test. Instead, the hair shaft traps trace amounts roughly proportional to the drugs ingested. To identify users, we take a one-and-a-half-inch sample of head hair, providing an approximate 3-month history of drug use. Because we collect the cosmetically undetectable sample from the back of the head, the process is more sanitary. If hair cannot be collected from the head, Psychemedics offers the only FDA-cleared test for both head and body hair.

Our hair drug testing is the best hedge against costly hiring mistakes.

Although a Psychemedics hair drug test detects even casual usage, it excels at identifying patterns of use over long periods. Counter to urine or oral fluids drug testing that detects usage over a few days, our test looks back a full three months. As a result, habitual abusers are identified before a hiring mistake is made.

Graphic illustrates drug users detected hiding in a crowd.

Why Psychemedics?

Higher Detection Rate than other drug tests

Psychemedics identified 6-10X more users than a urine test in side-by-side evaluations.

Chart: In 112,774 tests, Psychemedics found 4,905 users that urine test missed.
Lowest Cost-Per-Detection

Divide the total testing cost by the number of users identified, and urine testing costs 5X more than Psychemedics for each user identified.

Most Sanitary Collection

Face-to-face interactions are minimized when sample collections are done from the back of the head. We require no special facilities for a hair test, and cleaning between collections is simplified.

Best Donor Experience

Non-intrusive collection requires no body fluids or their containers and potentially unsanitary handling by the donor.

Better Follow-Up Testing

If the result of a drug test is challenged, a user who abstains from use for a few days will pass a follow-up urine test. However, a hair sample collected soon after the original test delivers a 90-day record of use, and abstaining for a few days will not change the result.