Educating a vaper can be a challenge.

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Educating colleagues and parents may preserve a future.

We share the collective goal of ensuring our young peoples’ futures, and one of today’s most pressing concerns is the surge in vaping. In particular, we are concerned that young vapers have now bridged from nicotine to marijuana.

Convincing students of vaping hazards is a continuing challenge. Educating their parents and other educators on the trend and its risks is part of the solution. We have produced a 1-minute video you will find below to help you do that. Did you know…

  • Young vapers are 5-7X more likely to contract COVID-19 according to Stanford Medical School researchers.
  • At least one DEA Agent-in-Charge expresses concerns that vaping oils may be targeted by drug cartels and tainted with fentanyl in a move to addict and create new sources of profit in that surging market.

We compiled some statistics and perspectives on vaping and the vaping threat into a short 1-minute video that can be shared with colleagues and parents. We will be doing these as easy-to-consume educational pieces frequently. Please take the 1-minute to watch (and share) the video that we have built for you. It’s all part of the education journey that we, you and parents need to share as we work to ensure our young peoples’ futures.

We are closely watching the drugs landscape for signs that vapers are at high risk and will share what we find. And we will continue to produce content that you can use to educate yourself, your staff, students and parents on the risks they may be taking.

Vaping has moved from threat to reality, to a significant public health issue. Especially for teens who are more sensitive to peer pressure, vaping may be falsely represented as just another behavior without risks. This video details some of those risks and delivers some insights on how they might be avoided.