Recreational? Medical? It’s still a Schedule I drug.

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Recently Psychemedics co-hosted the Oil and Gas Symposium on Marijuana in Houston Texas. Although the legal landscape may be changing some things remain clear for transportation firms.

  • THC (marijuana) is still a Schedule 1 drug
  • After alcohol, marijuana is most linked in to impaired driving
  • Countless studies conclude that marijuana use impairs coordination and distorts perception.

Keeping a Schedule I drug user out of the cab of an eighteen wheeler is one step toward safer roadways and farther away from tragic outcomes or costly litigation. And consider these three nuggets of information. 

  1. Marijuana usage is on the rise
  2. Today’s pot is 4X stronger than 1995
  3. Poly-usage (pot and other drugs used simultaneously) is increasing

The attached articles paint a picture of challenges as we collectively create safer roadways and drug free workforces. We think a hair test is the best hedge against the litigation and liability risks that seem to accompany drug users behind any wheel. 

 NIDA Details The Risks of Driving Pot-Impaired 

The National Institutes of Health has authored a great piece on the risks that today’s more potent strains of marijuana bring with them. 

 Congress Finally Heeding Trucking Leaders’ Calls 

Where DHS failed, trucking leaders are expanding the use of hair testing to improve safety. Read on to see how Congress is now engaged.