Some Schools Start Treating E-cigs as Drug Paraphernalia

RICHMOND, Va. — Some schools are getting tougher on e-cigarettes, even punishing possession of the devices more harshly than regular cigarettes. The devices, which heat a nicotine solution to create a vapor instead of burning tobacco, have passed traditional smokes in popularity among teenagers. Schools are clamping down because e-cigarettes, sometimes also known as vaporizers, … Read more

Innovative Technology Helps Combat Drug Use

Are you looking for new ideas to improve safety? Are you seeking different results than you got last year? As business costs continue to rise and workplace safety and health become more important than ever, organizations are looking for new techniques and programs that will have an impact on these growing concerns. Implementing an effective … Read more

Psychemedics Corporation Announces Record Revenues

DECLARES 74th CONSECUTIVE QUARTERLY DIVIDEND Acton, Massachusetts, February 10, 2015 — Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ: PMD) today announced fourth quarter and year-end financial results for the period ended December 31, 2014.  The Company also announced a quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share payable to shareholders of record as of February 23, 2015, to be paid on … Read more