Penn Basketball Suspensions Due to Failed Drug Tests, Sources Say

Two sources close to the team expect suspensions to be lifted for Wagner

A highly reputable source has told the Daily Pennsylvanian that Miles Cartwright, Henry Brooks, Tony Hicks, Darien Nelson-Henry and Steve Rennard were all suspended for Penn basketball’s game at Delaware on Dec. 21 after failing random drug tests. The official word after the game was that these five players were suspended for violating team rules, which Penn coach Jerome Allen did not elaborate on in his postgame press conference.

Two sources close to the team did not comment specifically on the reports that five players failed drug tests, citing that Allen had told those with knowledge of the incident to say only that “it was a disciplinary action that [Allen] took due to them not following a team rule.” Penn Director of Athletic Communications Mike Mahoney also did not comment on the reports of failed drug tests.

Many unknowns still remain, including when the tests were administered, what drug(s) or masking agent(s) were identified from the test when Allen notified the players of their suspensions and whether the tests were administered by Penn or the NCAA. A failed drug test administered by the NCAA would result in the players losing “one full year of eligibility” effective on the date the urine sample was given. The NCAA does not require schools to drug test their players, nor are those schools required to report the results of drug tests to the NCAA.

However, 90 percent of Division I schools have their own drug-testing programs independent from the NCAA. Additionally, NCAA Bylaw 10.2 requires schools to follow their own institutional policies and protocols for drug violations if they have them.