Just Say No – 3 Companies Benefit From Drug Screening Programs

Turning away employees who don’t pass a drug test means fewer workplace injuries and a healthier work environment.

How well do you really know the people who are operating your equipment? Do you know what the foreman did before he clocked in for work today? How about your secretary? Do you know how this valuable front-person chooses to unwind when out of the office? And does all this even matter?

That depends. When drugs are a part of employees’ off-hours, their performance on the job can be seriously affected – and represent a real risk. “The most important thing that a Drug-Free Safety Program does is emphasize safety at our firm,” says Dick Gooding, president, Gooding’s Nursery & Landscaping in Sherrodsville, Ohio.

Companies that choose to implement pre-employment drug screening or adhere to a robust drug and safety initiative, such as programs sponsored by state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offices, report fewer lost-time injuries and – less measurable – improved employee morale.

Lawn & Landscape spoke with three firms that implemented drug screening and/or criminal background checking to learn how these processes can change a workforce for the better.