Just Say No – 3 Companies Benefit From Drug Screening Programs

Turning away employees who don’t pass a drug test means fewer workplace injuries and a healthier work environment. How well do you really know the people who are operating your equipment? Do you know what the foreman did before he clocked in for work today? How about your secretary? Do you know how this valuable … Read more

Drug Testing A Given At CBC

More students at Christian Brothers College High School are saying no to drugs these days and the 161-year-old Town and Country school know that for sure. It’s celebrating five years of annual mandatory drug testing for all students. Jane Eschmann is the school’s assistant principal and administrator of the program at the college prep school. … Read more

Hair Testing — Is It Right for Your Company?

Did you know that an astounding 75% of drug users are employed? Realizing the costs associated with drug use among workers, government studies as far back as the early 1990s estimated that employing a drug user costs an average of $7,000-$10,000 per year. If these studies were done today, the average costs would likely be … Read more

Teen Substance Abuse at Epidemic Levels

Substance abuse — a growing epidemic among teens — has been dubbed America’s No. 1 public health problem by a recent study, leaving some parents wondering how to help their children. “Teens users are at significantly high risk of developing an addictive disorder, and the physical toll is bigger on their developing system,” according to … Read more