Majority of Adult Males Arrested in 10 U.S. Cities Test Positive for Illegal Drugs At Time of Arrest

The 2010 report reveals that in the 10 participating cities/counties, more than half of adult males arrested for crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies tested positive for at least one drug. Positive test results ranged from 52 percent in Washington, DC, to 83 percent in Chicago, Illinois, illustrating the link between drug use and crime and highlighting the importance of Obama Administration drug policies designed to break the cycle of drug use, arrest, incarceration, release, and re-arrest.

Some key findings from the report:
•The percent of arrestees testing positive for any drug ranged from a low of 52 percent in Washington, DC, to a high of 83% in Chicago.
•Fewer adult male arrestees are testing positive for cocaine. Nine of ten sites showed a significant decrease in 2010, compared to 2007.
•Sacramento (33 percent) and Portland (20 percent) showed the highest rates of adult males testing positive for meth in 2010.
•An increasing number of arrestees are testing positive for marijuana in Charlotte, New York City, and Sacramento in 2010, compared to 2009.
•Four of ten cities surveyed (Charlotte, Indianapolis, Portland, and Sacramento) showed significant increases in the percentage of arrestees testing positive for opiates in 2010, compared to 2008, while Chicago dropped by nearly half over the same period. Two of these cities (Indianapolis and Portland) also showed significant increases in oxycodone/hydrocodone positive rates.