Lansing Catholic School Partners With Psychemedics For School Drug Testing

Psychemedics is proud to partner with Lansing Catholic School and happy to join forces with them to create a drug-free environment for the students!

Close to 100 parents of Lansing Catholic students packed into the school’s gym to find out more about the mandatory drug testing policy, which means all students, teachers, and staffers will be tested. Most seemed to favor it.

Catherine Brennan, parent: “When I got a job at Sparrow, I had to go through drug testing, background checks, all those things. It’s sort of the way of the world, unfortunately.”

Lansing Catholic administrators told the crowd that the school had about 10 drug-related discipline issues this school year and 10 last year, but stopped short of saying there’s a drug problem and that this is about prevention, not punishment.

Tom Maloney, principal: “So we want to prevent them from using drugs. if they are using drugs, we want them to stop using it. and if they need help, we want to intervene and get them the help that they need.”

Because the test takes hair samples, it will allow officials to detect drug use within a 90-day window. The company’s representative hopes that it will help prevent students from using it.

Dr. George Elder, Psychemedics Corporation: “If you know you’re going to be found out, you really give it some serious thought.”

Lansing Catholic officials say staffers will be trained to administer the drug testing program when they start school in the fall.