People Often Become Drug Addicts When They Get Hooked on Prescription Drugs

Thirty-one of 75 patients hospitalized for opioid detoxification told University physicians they first got hooked on drugs legitimately prescribed for pain. Another 24 began with a friend’s left-over prescription pills or pilfered from a parent’s medicine cabinet. The remaining 20 patients said they got hooked on street drugs. However, 92 percent of the patients in … Read more

Medical Marijuana Card OK’d After 8 Minutes, 6 Questions

It took me eight minutes to get a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana. The fewer time physicians spend with medicinal-pot seekers the better, according to Christ, executive director of Montana Caregivers Network. The controversial group has helped thousands of Montanans sign up for medical marijuana cards at traveling clinics and via Internet consultations. My eight-minute … Read more

DOT Issues Final Rule on Drug Testing

On January 1, 2018, the Department of Transportation’s final rule amending its drug-testing program goes into effect.  In an effort to more closely align with the revised HHS Mandatory Guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the rule clarifies existing drug-testing program provisions, makes technical amendments, and removes certain requirements for … Read more

Medical Marijuana Cards Do Not Offer Legal Exemption to Job Applicants

The California State Supreme Court has ruled that employers have the right to fire potential or current employees, regardless if they’re medical-marijuana patients. Without this ruling, employers would risk violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

America’s Ongoing Marijuana Debate

As the debate over marijuana legalization heats up, misinformation and inadequate understanding are running rampant. While many proponents of legalization stake the claim that marijuana is a benign drug that charges no substantial toll to society, research and common sense prove otherwise. A critical look at marijuana exposes the societal and cultural dangers the drug … Read more