Marijuana in the classroom? Sometimes it’s legal

“But around the country today, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of high schoolers are bringing the pot to school, and they’re doing it legally. Not to get stoned but as part of prescribed medical treatment. And they don’t have to tell the school authorities about it.”

This Is ‘Your Face On Meth,’ Kids

“Sheriff Tom Allman says he has found a way to keep kids off methamphetamine. If they could see what they’d look like after using the highly addictive drug, it might get them to stay away from it forever. With help from some image-altering software, Allman is out to show teens the face of meth.”

From Spas to Banks, Mexico Economy Rides on Drugs

“At a modern factory in a city whose main claim to fame is an image of the Virgin Mary revered for granting miracles, Mexican pharmaceuticals firm Grupo Collins churns out antibiotics and other medicines.”

Rodent of the Week: Why Cocaine Becomes Addictive

A clue to explain how cocaine becomes addictive has emerged and may lead to new ways to treat the addiction. Research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that an epigenetic mechanism in the brain helps explain cocaine’s addictiveness. Epigenetics is a hot, new branch of science that focuses on changes to gene … Read more