Heroin Is New, Dangerous Drug Of Choice

“The drug scene in Van Wert County has taken a dangerous turn. Where last year, the majority of drug cases involved prescription drugs or marijuana, Van Wert Police are now having to deal with a comeback from heroin. Heroin is the most powerful of the opiates and is also the most addictive. But greater availability … Read more

HDNet’s ‘Dan Rather Reports’ Exposes Texas ‘Pill Mills’

“DALLAS, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Tomorrow’s “Dan Rather Reports” travels to Houston, Texas to investigate the very legal practice of some so-called “pain relief centers” dispensing potent prescription drugs without a doctor’s care or examination. Many of these centers, that accept cash only, are located in strip malls across the Houston area.”

Managing Your Pain: How to Use Prescription Drugs Without Becoming Addicted

By January W. Payne “Michael Jackson’s death has brought renewed attention to prescription drug abuse, which has long been a problem for everyday Americans as well as pill-popping celebrities. About 48 million people, or 20 percent of Americans over age 12, have taken prescription medications—often, the painkillers called opioids—for nonmedical reasons, according to the National … Read more

DEA Statement on New Department of Justice

“OCT 22 – The Department of Justice recently issued guidelines regarding the use of federal resources in investigations and prosecutions in states that have passed laws authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued the following statement: “DEA welcomes the issuance of these clarifying guidelines pertaining to the use … Read more

Keeping Employees Drug-Free

By Sandy Smith “In today’s sluggish economy, most companies are exploring ways they can reduce inventory, personnel and expenses in general. But according to an executive with a Chicago construction association, many businesses may be overlooking a prime cost-saving measure: keeping employees drug-free.” “Because drug testing may involve additional expense, some business owners and managers … Read more

Training, Drug Use Major Issues for Afghan Police

By Claire Truscott “GOLESTAN, Afghanistan — Lack of training, equipment and mentors are hampering efforts to transfer responsibility for Afghanistan’s domestic security to local forces, US military officials say. Widespread drug use, tribal divisions, corruption, and a high drop-out rate are also slowing attempts to create a credible force able to protect the public from … Read more