Why Choose Psychemedics?

We have identified more drug users for more companies than any hair testing company in the world.

All Hair Drug Testing Is Not The Same

A Psychemedics hair test identifies more drug users than other hair testing labs. Why?

  • We invented hair testing and have been doing it longer than anyone.
  • Our scientists have published the most research on the science.
  • Our nine patents are the most in the industry.  By far.
  • Our process has been published, peer-reviewed and validated.
  • Our test results have been upheld in courts across the country.
  • We are the only lab with FDA 510(k) clearance for every screen.

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Our team includes scientists, toxicologists, lab technicians, program consultants and a network of industry experts. With over 30 years as the pioneer and industry leader of hair testing, Psychemedics empowers global organizations with the confidence to make policy decisions based on our test results.

We deliver Certainty of Detection. You get Deterrence.

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Why Do More Organizations Choose Us?

We identify More Drug Users

Psychemedics delivers an Unrivaled Detection Rate. Our proprietary & patented technology is what gives us a 2-3X advantage over other hair testing companies. And up to 10X over urine. It has been proven superior in independent side-by-side tests and is the industry’s acknowledged and unrivaled detection leader.

How do we identify more users?

Superior Science.

  • A great detection rate starts with getting the drug out of the hair sample. We get all the drug out. Other labs do not. Unrivaled detection is the outcome.
  • We manufacture our own screens and they are the most sensitive in the industry. We adjust that sensitivity for changing needs. Other labs cannot.


You get to a drug-free workplace or campus sooner with us.

Our Tests Require 60% Less Hair

Smallest Sample Size in the Industry

The sample collected for our hair test is smallest in the industry. By comparison, other hair testing labs will collect twice as much or more. Our small sample size yields several benefits to our clients, including:

  • User Experience: No trauma for the person being tested and no drama for the collector results in a better overall user experience for all parties involved.
  • Ideal For In-House Collection: Anytime/anywhere collection means less time and resources needed to collect the potential sample for the test.
  • Fewer Retests: Smaller sample size means there will be fewer retests due to insufficient quantity for processing.


No Trauma.  No Drama.

We Deliver The Best R.O.I. In The Drug-Testing Industry

If your objective is to create a safer environment by eliminating drugs-of-abuse, then a “Positive” on a drug test is the indicator you are paying for. The best indicator of value for your hair testing dollar is what it costs for each user identified.

Psychemedics delivers a Cost-Per-Positive half as much as other hair testing labs. How?

Our unrivaled detection rate. That detection rate means you identify more users for the same testing dollars. And that translates to up to 2X higher value for your money than other hair labs and 6X over urine.


A drug testing ROI that is the best in the industry

Every Drug Screen Is FDA 510(k)-cleared

FDA clearance means that a drug screen has been through rigorous governmental review, and validated as delivering on its promise.


FDA clearances are expensive to achieve, but since we understand the huge impact that a drug test can make on individual lives and company safety, we feel that the extra expense on our end is more than worth it for our clients. We are the only lab that delivers on this promise of FDA clearance for all our drug screens.


Affirmation of using the most validated drug screen in the market.

Our Process Virtually Eliminates False Positives

The FBI agrees.

Psychemedics developed the most extensive wash procedure in the industry and virtually eliminates any chance for a false positive reading due to external contamination. This wash process, validated and published in peer-reviewed journals by the FBI, is unique to Psychemedics. Why?

Expense. The process adds cost but protects those tested. We think the cost is worth it. Other labs don’t.

Time. This manpower-intensive wash requires over 4 hours. We say certainty is worth the time. Other labs don’t agree.

Although we have documented our process and made it available to all other hair testing labs, we are the only one who has made the investment


Unwavering confidence when you make drug policy-related decisions.

Resistance to Evasion

Short-term abstinence, sample substitution, or chemical altering are evasion tactics all-to-familiar in urine tests. Cleansers, bleaches and dyes are all tactics people use to try and beat a hair test. They are wasted tactics when the drug test is our drug test.

False negatives? Not with Psychemedics.

While some of these substances might affect some other labs results, Psychemedics has demonstrated that normal use of common hair products or adulterants are not effective on our test to create the false negative results that evasion tactics are designed to deliver.

Cheating is not an option when Psychemedics is the drug test.


For drug users there is no place to hide.  No place.

Value Beyond The Test Result


More Reasons to Choose Psychemedics

Award Winning Customer Service

Recognized by Benchmark Portal for “superior customer service”

Same-day account setups
We offer same-day account setups and multi-language formats Our online scheduling reduces time and complexity when you need to test.

Quick response to calls
Our supportive and tenured customer service team averages call wait times of less than twenty seconds.

Easy order options
Multiple options for easy supply orders, and electronic Chain of Custody Forms that let you get what you need when you need it.

Customized Reporting Solutions

Personalized Results Portal
The Personalized Results Portal provides our clients online access to their results, custody and control forms, and customized reports and statistics. Our on-request reports help to track program progress against objectives.

Annual client reports enable you to benchmark vs your peers Psychemedics releases annual client reports that provide testing history, results, and comparisons of your results to those in your industry group.

Simple Interface and Integrations
An Interface with Third-Party Administrators and Medical Review Officers allows a Psychemedics hair testing program to easily integrate with other programs and IT systems.

Best Turnaround Time of Any Hair Testing Lab

95% of screened negatives reported back in the same day
The best turnaround time of any hair testing lab equips our clients with the information they need to make time-sensitive pre-employment or employee decisions

Lowest percentage of Cancelled Tests & Retests
Our percentage of cancelled tests, resulting from insufficient sample and paperwork errors, regularly average less than 1.0-1.5%. This means fewer retests, less hassle for your company and less stress on the people you test.

Stopwatch closeup in blue toning

Superior Research and Development

Frequent addition of drugs to our standard panel
Our cutting-edge research and development team stays on top of the latest drug trends, resulting in frequent addition of drugs to our test panels.

Nine industry patents held by Psychemedics
Psychemedics holds nine unique industry patents, and still continues to innovate today.

Most published work in peer-reviewed journals
Our scientists are credited with the most published work on hair testing in peer-reviewed journals than any source in the world.

Can you spot the drug users hiding in your applicant pool, workforce or classroom?

Psychemedics can.

We do it every day. Better than anyone.

The Psychemedics Advantage

Your objective is a drug-free workplace.

Your challenge is to Detect and Deter every drug user.

Unrivaled Detection. Unmatched Deterrence.

That is the Psychemedics Advantage.

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