Expect New Substance Abuse Challenges At Work

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The attached article from the Chicago Tribune highlights a workplace challenge that has not gone away during the COVID pandemic; in fact it has worsened. With the CDC reporting increases in substance abuse and 93,000 drug deaths, you should expect that some workers may return with new or exacerbated dependence on substances. Continued diligence is a key to a safer workplace as businesses ramp up.

Many clients rely on Psychemedics to help anticipate future trends and in March of 2020 with our “Rebuilding The Workplace After COVID” series, we projected exactly what we see today. We felt that data and history painted a picture of a post-COVID challenge and communicated that, and we will continue to do just that as we see dynamics in the landscape continue to evolve.

This very quick read from the Chicago Tribune delivers information that every business should have, and in which every drug program administrator will have interest.