Manchester Bus Driver Arrested With 240 Bags of Heroin

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SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH)– Police say a DATTCO bus driver was selling heroin out of his Manchester house and even though he’s been pulled off the road by the bus company, parents are very concerned.

Police say they found a South Windsor school bus driver at the center of a major heroin ring operating out of Manchester, Vernon and South Windsor. Jorge Aviles is a school bus driver for DATTCO. When they raided his apartment police say they found a drug factory of 240 bags of heroin, cash, and a gun, along with more heroin at another home in Vernon. Also arrested was his girlfriend, Ashley Birdsong. Agents from the east central drug task force had the bus driver under surveillance and when they realized he was a school bus driver, they moved in quickly.

“He was headings to work to the school bus company when they stopped him and executed the search warrants on him and the two homes,” said Cpt. Chris Davis, Manchester police. When asked if had a gun on him at the time, Davis said, “he did.”

News 8 did talk to some neighbors who live downstairs and across the hall from 3D, and they didn’t want to go on TV, but they were surprised, scratched their heads and seemed tongue tied when told about the 240 bags of heroine found upstairs.

“When we executed the search warrant there were three young children in one of the apartments and they were charged with risk of injury to a minor,” said Davis.

DATTCO released this statement:

“At no time were our student passengers or employees at risk due to this driver’s off-duty behavior… No indications that this driver engaged in any illicit activities were present at any time during his employment… The driver has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending investigation.”

Last week Farmington police arrested Tammy Costello, who drives for a different bus company, for allegedly driving kids to school drunk, three times over the legal limit.

“A school bus driver arrested for drunk driving now heroin. I have there kids myself and and I think about that they are on the school bus every day and there is nothing you can do about it. It scares you to think about it, it is not a pleasant thought,” said Chris Lester, South Windsor.