Employers Can Still Drug Test Despite Pot Being Legalized

DENVER (CBS4) – Even though recreational marijuana will be for legal sale starting Wednesday, employers can still restrict workers from using it and give drug tests. Jeramie Gomez’s goal is to be one of the first people to legally purchase an ounce of marijuana. “I actually can’t wait until the doors open,” said Gomez. “My … Read more

Majority of Illegal Drug Users Employed

MANITOWOC — Annie Short believes most Wisconsin business owners probably haven’t given a lot of thought about employees showing up for work legally stoned. “Before we legalize this, let’s really think through the complications of marijuana,” the program manager for Healthiest Manitowoc County, told this month’s Wellness Council Awareness Lunch audience. Her talk was titled, … Read more

Marijuana Use On the Rise Among American Teens

Not that it wasn’t predictable, but the federal government, fueled by new Monitoring the Future data collected by the University of Michigan on behalf of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), is reporting a rise in the illicit use of marijuana among high school students. Shocking. Did we really believe the loosening of restrictions … Read more

Creighton Prep to Require Drug and Alcohol Tests for Students

Creighton Prep will begin mandatory, random drug and alcohol testing for all students at the start of the 2014-15 school year, officials announced Wednesday. The school drug testing will involve collecting hair — about 60 strands — from the heads of selected students and testing it for evidence of significant drinking and a variety of … Read more