DOT Truck Driver Hair Testing Moves Forward at J.B. Hunt

Positive results for drug use have kept more than 3,200 prospective drivers — including 1,700 who used cocaine and 71 who used cocaine in combination with opiates, heroin or amphetamines — from getting behind the wheel for J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. since May 2006. While the pre-employment drug screening results might have kept those … Read more

What Drives Kids To Abuse Prescription Drugs?

Non-medical prescription drug abuse is on the rise in young people, and a new study from the University of Cincinnati could shed light on what could increase or lower the risk of such abuse. The research team, led by Keith King, professor of health promotion, focused on 54,000 students — 7th through 12th grade — … Read more

Marijuana ‘Poisoning’ On The Rise Among Colorado Youngsters

The recent changes to Colorado’s marijuana laws have made it easier for those who need pot for their ailments to get their medicine. Unfortunately, with an abundance of marijuana and easier access to it come to some unintended consequences. According to new research, there’s been a marked uptick in accidental ingestion of marijuana by children. … Read more

Parents Unaware of ‘Study Drug’ Used by Teens

ANN ARBOR – As high schoolers prepare for final exams, teens nationwide may be tempted to use a “study drug” ­– a prescription stimulant or amphetamine – to gain an academic edge. But a new University of Michigan poll shows only one in 100 parents of teens 13-17 years old believes that their teen has … Read more

Appeals Court Rules on Drug Testing; Both Sides Claim Victory

A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered a lower-court judge to reconsider her order blocking a program that would subject all state employees to random drug testing, but left little doubt that the plan would be found unconstitutional with regards to many state workers. The 61-page ruling, which left both sides declaring victory, essentially overturned … Read more