Dangers of Illegal Drug Use Among MT Teens

GREAT FALLS- A national survey of drug use and health shows that Montana ranks among the top ten states for illicit drug and alcohol use. Psychiatric nurse practitioner Shelley Andous helps clients experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis, often related to addiction. “Substances hit a particular part of our brain. It hits that pleasure center…it’s what … Read more

ASU Football Puts Focus on Drug Testing

The discipline you’ve seen this season with Arizona State football doesn’t end on the playing field. First-year coach Todd Graham makes sure it blankets all areas, and that includes testing for street and performance-enhancing drugs. Per school policy, ASU randomly drug tests its student-athletes 12 months a year, but the athletic department leaves it up … Read more

The Hair Doesn’t Lie – Psychemedics Sails On Drug Detection

Applying to work for a Fortune 500 company? The odds are pretty good that you’ll be subject to drug testing before hire. And there’s a decent chance that Acton-based Psychemedics Corp. will conduct the test. Psychemedics specializes in highly-sensitive hair tests that determine if a potential employee uses drugs. Its patented test, which has been … Read more

Many Injured Workers Remain on Opioids, Study Finds

Nearly 1 in 12 injured workers who were prescribed narcotic painkillers still were on the drugs three to six months later, according to a new report on worker’s compensation claims. The report also found that drug testing and psychological evaluation, two measures designed to reduce abuse of the drugs, were not being done most of … Read more

Federal Court Rules Hair Testing for Drugs Does Not Discriminate

(CN) – The Boston police department’s use of a hair test to detect officers’ drug use does not discriminate against black officers, a federal judge ruled. Ten Boston police officers and the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers sued the Boston Police Department, arguing that using a hair drug test has a disparate impact … Read more