9-Year-Old Faces Drug Charges for Sharing Cocaine With Classmates

An elementary school student in Washington, D.C. is facing drug charges, for sharing cocaine with classmates. School officials say four, eight, and nine-year-old students, ingested the drugs, while others sniffed it. The students were taken to the hospital, but they’re expected to be okay. A letter was sent home to parents alerting them of the … Read more

Hallucinogenic Drug Kills 1 Minn. Teen, 10 Others Hospitalized

One person is dead and 10 more are hospitalized, including two in critical condition after a mass overdose, according to police. Blaine Police responded to a residence on the 9500 block of Monroe Street NE, just after midnight on Thursday for a medical situation involving an alleged overdose of synthetic drugs. Police say the substance … Read more