Don’t Guess, Drug Test!

Below is a compelling article about the need to drug test your teenager. Psychemedics offers an at home drug test for parents concerned about drug use. Buy a PDT-90 At Home Drug Testing Test here. "A drug crisis is sweeping America and it's killing our children. Parents be warned. We have now entered the culture ... Read more

Experts Give Tips To Prevent Youths From Using Drugs

Herbert Levine, the former superintendent of Salem schools, knows firsthand what drug abuse can do to a family. Levine nearly lost his son Joel to an OxyContin addiction. Now retired, Levine teaches drug prevention strategies and has helped found three recovery schools. Levine’s experience with his son — who has been sober seven years and … Read more

Another Synthetic Drug Could Be Banned

Synthetic cocaine could become the next fad drug to be banned in the city of Huntington. Huntington City Council will vote on the second reading of an ordinance Monday, Dec. 27, that bans the sale and possession of the drug, which is marketed and sold as bath salts and has been found recently in Tri-State … Read more