Words of Caution

Drug Users Need Not Apply

Anyone who is abusing drugs and being required to take the Psychemedics hair test should clearly understand the following:

  • Abstaining from drug use for several days is not going to work with our test. On average, we can detect usage several months back and detect drug usage 5 to 10 times more effectively than urinalysis.
  • Unlike other less effective hair tests, our hair test can detect marijuana users at a higher rate than urinalysis. Psychemedics spent many years of research to develop technology that allows us to detect marijuana users 4 to 7 times more frequently than urinalysis.
  • Shaving your head hair will not prevent you from submitting a sample. We are not limited to just head hair and can test body hair samples. Shaving all your hair won’t work either because most companies have policies for that specific tactic.
  • Claiming your hair was contaminated by someone else’s drug is not a valid excuse. We have the most extensive wash process in the industry to account for any external contamination. This has been proven not only in independent studies, but upheld in 20 years of court cases.
  • If you are currently abusing drugs and are applying for a job that requires a Psychemedics test, we suggest you either not apply or preferably get help to get off drugs. Here are some agencies that can start you on that path.


    These organizations offer valuable services and information related to drug abuse.

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